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The Easiest Way to Make Connections with Japanese Businesses

Hello, and thank you for visiting our column page. This column will introduce a general characteristic of Japanese businesses that will benefit your plan to enter the Japanese market.

Building Network is Crucial to Your Business

One of the most essential aspects of business is to make connections. Although the pandemic of COVID-19 has changed the way of business meetings and now that a lot of companies can make contact online in Japan, there are still some parts of business that require in-person meetings, such as meetings within traditional industries or with local branches. Considering this situation, it would be very challenging if businesses you would like to reach out to are scattered all around the country. It would be a hassle to fly across the country just to have a few-hour meeting. However, this is not what you have to worry about in Japan. But why is that the case?

Making Business Connections in the Japanese Market

The reason why making business connections in Japan is so easy is that Japan’s economy is concentrated primarily in Tokyo. According to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, around 50% of listed companies in Japan locate their main office in Tokyo. In addition, over 75% of foreign affiliated companies are headquartered in Tokyo as well. This feature of Japan is beneficial when trying to establish your connections with businesses in Japan and entering the Japanese market because less business travels are required, which leads you to spend much less money and time. Also, you don’t need to spend much time trying to collect relevant information from companies all around the country. If you search for potential clients or partners in a certain field of industry, you will find a lot of them only in Tokyo. Also, if you find companies that interest you enough and you would like to visit them in person, all you need to do is take a 30-minute ride on a train at most. In conclusion, the easiest way to build your new business network in Japan is just to locate your main office in Tokyo.

How We Can Help You

Even if it is much easier in Japan to make business connections, we understand that there are still some difficulties for you when entering the Japanese market. Japanista, whose main office is in Tokyo, can help you in various ways: making the target list for wholesalers and distributors, localizing your products, building the best PR strategies for you, and even more. If you are interested in our capabilities, please contact us through the contact form or email "".

Thank you for reading!

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