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The reason why I established Japanista

Daisuke Kobayashi, Founder & CEO, Japanista
Daisuke Kobayashi


First, I appreciate you because you came here (my blog).

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Daisuke. I'm Japanese and live in Tokyo, Japan.

I established the Japanese company, Japanista. I'm the founder and CEO of this company.


Before I established Japanista

Before I established this company, I worked for a Japanese digital agency for almost 18 years.

I was involved in digital marketing, social media marketing, and influencer marketing, as well as building new businesses as a responsible person there.

I liked the startup field before and now. So I often chatted with some startup executives in the US, Europe, and others about launching their businesses in Japan. I wanted to support their marketing activities because I used to work for a digital agency. But I couldn't do that because the company didn't allow me to collaborate with foreign companies for some reason.

Many Japanese companies

Generally speaking, Japanese companies hesitate or refuse to deal with a foreign company if the transaction is first. This is because Japanese companies are not accustomed to communicating in English with non-Japanese people and organizations. There is a language barrier there. So they have to take a risk more than dealing with the same Japanese companies. If the non-Japanese company has a global brand name and much budget, the Japanese company might try to deal with them. But in many cases, it's a rare case.

Many startups give up expanding their business to Japan because, in my opinion, there are few local partners. It is tragic for both non-Japanese companies and Japan. Japanese companies and consumers miss unique and innovative services or products because non-Japanese companies are away. Unfortunately, Japanese people don't have the option to choose. That's why I established this company, Japanista. The more non-Japanese companies grow their business in Japan, the more the Japanese economy becomes active.

What is Japanista?

Japanista is a unique company. We are a Japanese company legally registered in Japan. But our clients are not Japanese companies. We provide various services to our clients in USD. We aim to make the Japanese economy more active and thrive by inviting unique and innovative non-Japanese companies. We let the bar of launching the product or service in Japan lower by taking advantage of adopting a new working style. So if you are interested in the Japanese market, we look forward to hearing from you!


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