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Japanista supports your company in trying to enter the Japanese market in various ways.

Hi! I'm Daisuke at Japanista.

We focus on supporting non-Japanese companies in going into the Japanese market in various ways. So, if you are interested in the Japanese market, which is the world's third-largest market, why don't you contact us?

For example, we can help you if you have the below challenges for the Japanese market.

Q: We must refrain from investing in a new market.

A: Japanista doesn't think you have to invest much budget, and you can do that without paying much money.

We can work as if you are your local staff in Japan. So you don't have to set up the company and employ local staff in Japan.

If you want to hire someone, Japanista might be able to employ them instead of our client (EOR). Doing so allows you to skip complicated procedures and focus on your core business.

Q: We want to sell our physical product to Japanese consumers.

A: We can make the target list for wholesalers and distributors.

Some Japanese companies tend to hesitate to make a deal with foreign companies. If so, Japanista might be able to make a deal as an agent.

Q: We want to expand our digital service (e.g., SaaS) to the Japanese market.

A: You can expand your service to the Japanese market by first localization (translation to Japanese).

We set up the marketing methods like PR distribution, advertisement, etc.

Before your launch, we can set up one-on-one user interviews.

Q: We already have the scheme to provide the product or service to Japanese users. We want to expand their distribution of them.

A: We recommend a PR strategy first because your product or service is new for Japanese users, and we can approach many Japanese media.

Of course, always-on digital marketing will work well. However, please note that Japan's situation differs from your home country or other major markets. Therefore, we recommend the best strategy for you.

If you are interested in our capabilities, please contact us through the contact form or email ""

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.


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